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That TONE CONTROL on your guitar . . .

. . . use it much?

Bring it to life with Black Ice, the battery-free
on-board overdrive for your guitar or bass!


If you're like most players, there’s a tone control on your guitar that rarely gets used. Now you can use it to dial in some fun with Black Ice, the amazing battery-free on-board overdrive.


Didn't think so . . . .

Put Black Ice in your guitar and enjoy fingertip access to a variety of overdrive/distortion sounds. The Black Ice circuit can be configured for just a touch of grit, a more aggressive grind or 60’s flavored fuzz. And with no batteries to worry about, Black Ice provides a lifetime of tone with no maintenance required, just like the tone control it replaces.


Will Black Ice replace your favorite boutique pedals and amp? Not even close! Is it a convenient way to dial in a little fun on the fly or when your pro gear is packed away? Now you’re talkin!


Black Ice is compatible with all (passive) pickup types including humbucking, Strat, Tele, P90 and lipstick style pickups.


Installation can be as easy as replacing the capacitor on your guitar’s tone control with the Black Ice module. A variety of other wiring options are also provided for guitars with multiple tone controls and for those who prefer to access Black Ice via a switch.
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