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• Was there another version of Black Ice?

Yes. The previous version had 2 leads (the new version has 6) and no option for choosing different levels/flavors of overdrive.

It was also not compatible with low output pickups.  


• Will Black Ice work with active (battery powered) pickups?

No. Black Ice will not function properly with active pickup systems.  


• Do I have to use a 250k potentiometer for the Black Ice control?

A 500k pot will also work, but the transition from clean to dirty will not be as gradual when turning the pot.


 I don’t hear any distortion.

•  Make sure volume control is turned all the way up  

•  Make sure Black Ice control is set to maximum (fully clockwise or counterclockwise depending on wiring configuration)  

•  Make sure pickups are adjusted to proper height as per guitar manufacturers recommendations.  

•  Set amplifier for clean sound. Black Ice overdrive may be masked by distorted sound generated by amplifier.  

•  Play through a guitar amp, not a mixer, PA, etc. with a line-level input. Line-level inputs are typically low impedance and not 

   compatible with Black Ice.

•  Note that gently played passages and single notes may not cause the Black Ice circuit to distort.  


The volume drops slightly when I dial in maximum Black Ice.

 •  High output pickups may cause this to happen, especially with Industrial Strength and Hot wiring options.

    Turn down Black Ice control slightly, make sure pickups aren’t too close to strings or choose less aggressive wiring option

    (Polite or Warm).   

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