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The Battery-Free, On-Board,
BOOST and DISTORT circuits for your Guitar or Bass
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Black Ice Boost product picture

Black Ice Boost

Installation Instructions

Choose the boost level (Partial or Full boost) and wiring diagram that best suits your needs. If you’re also installing our Black Ice Distort module, use either the BOOST ON/OFF AND DISTORT ON/OFF SWITCH or THE WORKS: A SWITCH FOR EVERY OPTION diagram. You can also refer to the installation instructions that came with the Distort module for additional options.

When wiring is completed, place Boost (logo facing up) in space between pickup selector switch and volume pot (Strat*) or between volume and tone pot (Tele*) and mount with foam tape supplied.

Note: Black Ice Boost is not compatible with active (battery powered)

* Trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments

Black Ice Distort product picture

Black Ice Distort

Installation Instructions

If you are also installing a Black Ice BOOST module, we suggest using the BOOST ON/OFF AND DISTORT ON/OFF SWITCH or THE WORKS: A SWITCH FOR EVERY OPTION diagrams found in the Black Ice Boost instruction sheet. If not, choose the level of distortion that best suits your playing style (Polite, Warm, Hot or Industrial Strength) and then use any of the wiring diagrams in this instruction sheet (they’re also compatible with Black Ice BOOST equipped guitars). 

General notes: 

• If you’d like to test drive Black Ice Distort before permanently installing it, temporarily connect it between the hot and ground of your guitars’ output jack. 

• If you simply replace the tone control’s capacitor with Black Ice Distort (EZ Install), turning down the control (counterclockwise) will increase distortion. 

• Use a 250k ohm pot for the Black Ice Distort control. 

• Black Ice Distort has no polarity. Either “to guitar” lead can be connected to hot and ground. 

• Insulate any unused Black Ice Distort leads with electrical tape, etc. so they don’t touch other components/wires. 

It’s also worth pointing out: 

• Black Ice Distort is for folks who’d like a convenient way to dial in a little fun and grit. It’s not a replacement for your favorite pedal, nor will it turn your amplifier into a fire-breathing stack. Black Ice Distort will not boost the volume or sustain of your guitar, unless it is used with our Black Ice Boost module. (A subtle volume drop may also be detected, particularly with the Hot and Industrial Strength wiring options.) 

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